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Shared Ownership Investment Properties.

Sanbonani Shared Ownership Investments

Our Shared Ownership business model is focused on Investors who want to expand by owning property in holiday resorts around South Africa. We specialise in procuring Peak Rental weeks, i.e. Christmas, New Year, Easter and School holidays at Prime Holiday Destinations. By doing so, we are bringing a new generation of Investors into the Leisure Industry. Our business model is unique to the industry. We manage our global investors’ portfolios by renting out their weeks/shares annually.

Peak Shares/Weeks



Own property in Peak Rental Weeks in Sanbonani Resort.


You own one Share

10% Annual ROI
ZAR 162,000
+ Levy


You own two Shares

10% - 12% Annual ROI
ZAR 285,000
+ Levy


You own three Shares

10% - 14% Annual ROI
ZAR 397,500
+ Levy


You own four Shares

10% - 15% Annual ROI
ZAR 450,000
+ Levy

Off-Peak Share/Week

You own one Off-Peak Share/Week
ZAR 89,900

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Shared Ownership Investments

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